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How we successfully helped Court & Co achieve compliance with GDPR.

Thousands of UK estate agencies are yet to take their first steps in compliance with the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) that will come into effect on 25th May 2018.

Crippling fines threaten those who continue to market properties to their existing client base and take no additional steps to protect, seek consent for or to protect those clients’ personal information.

Estate agents, along with many other industries have been inundated with information and training courses offering advice on how they should change their working processes in line with the new regulations, but precious few have been able to actually enact sufficient change in their business to comply.

Fortunately, help is at hand. Barefoot Cybersecurity has developed a service aimed specifically at estate agencies that will assess, monitor and manage GDPR compliance on their behalf. One of their first UK customers was Essex based agency, Court & Co. Their Managing Director, Nicholas Court, takes up the story…

“When we first sat down as a company and tried to understand the full implications of GDPR we really couldn’t grasp just how large the task was. What actions we will be required to take and how it will affect or business.”

“We realised this is not a wait and see what everyone else does first situation. We had to take action and put a plan in place. We generate a large amount of our business through regular contact with our database. A database we have spent over a decade compiling and totaling about six thousand contacts. It forms the backbone of our business. The thought of not being able continue to contact these individuals after 25th May filled us with dread.”

“We enlisted the help of Barefoot Cybersecurity who carried out a full assessment of our business practices. Helped us to fine-tune our customer journey and trained all of our employees quickly and efficiently.”

Barefoot’s service works by taking advantage of the regulations allowance to assign the duties of a Data Protection Officer to a third party. Further, by focusing on niche market verticals, like real estate, they are able to deliver a streamlined and cost efficient service as many agencies are battling with similar issues. Any unique processes are established during the initial assessment phase after which they supply any documentation and training required as well as a set of targeted, clear directives regarding outstanding issues preventing compliance.

Nicholas continues;

“By using their online compliance dashboard we can see at a glance that all our team are 100% trained in each of the required fields. We also feel safe in the knowledge that our computer systems are being constantly monitored by Barefoot’s Security Operations Centre for any malware, spyware and any unwanted guests trying to hack our data.”

“After the initial set up which was carried out over a couple of scheduled 30 minute calls we were up and running and able to get back to what we do best. Sell Property!!”

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